We search for the best. Our buyers deserve it, our sellers merit it and we demand it. At TBB Ter Brugge Barton we have learnt it’s beyond finding your dream home, it’s about transporting you to the very place. We will share the wonderful lifestyle experiences we are grateful to appreciate every day, so that soon you can also call this incredible place home.

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Alistair Barton


‘I have worked in the real estate industry for 17 years.. Initially working within the Spanish residential markets here on the Costa Blanca, before deciding to relocate back to the UK and move into tailored property consultancy services on behalf of a worldwide client base. Several years later and having owned various businesses we moved back to Spain to restart our Spanish journey. It’s where I met Leonie and we always knew we would come back when the time was right. We have been working on this business for some time, watching, waiting and learning along the way.

My constant involvement in existing businesses has kept current my knowledge and expertise of the latest trends. My key network of contacts and social platforms are pushing the business forward, through real content and integral hard work. We want to ensure we are at the forefront of the Real Estate market here on the Costa Blanca.

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Leonie ter Brugge

Leonie has over 20 years of experience within the real estate sector as well as holding senior management and directorship positions within both the hospitality and recruitment sectors.

Leonie spent 12 years working in Spain for large real estate companies and one of the Costa Blanca’s leading and most established construction companies working on behalf of clients looking to purchase and construct properties in both the residential and commercial real estate markets.

Anybody that knows or who has worked with leonie will be aware of her warm and welcoming personality, positive outlook and huge amounts of integrity.

Many of her clients still remain in close contact with her and she always gets referred to new clients who are looking for a professional and dedicated service.

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